Links and Resources

Government Links

California Franchise Tax Board This site contains information and links on: instructions, publications, press releases and other documents as well as general California tax information (such as tax forms, phone numbers and addresses for tax assistance). The site links to other California departmental agencies and tax related resources for California Revenue and Taxation Codes.

The I.R.S The site contains information including tax statistics, general information for individuals and business, electronic services (including information about online filing) taxpayer help, and various tax regulations, plus publications and forms that can downloaded.

Tax Information & Literature Links Offers detailed tax articles updated weekly from such categories as: Washington D.C. highlights, federal taxes, state and local taxes, pension and benefits, estate planning, International Spotlights and more.

The Tax Prophet The site contains tax information, excerpts from the San Francisco Examiner columns, a publications section including a diverse collection of newspaper columns, newsletters and scholarly articles.

TurboTax This site offers various free tax calculators and up to date tax guides.